Wednesday, March 04, 2015

new partnership | luke's corner bar & kitchen

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Luke's Corner Bar & Kitchen at Granville and 14th!  Bring in your ticket before or after seeing a PT show and get 15% off food.

Monday, March 02, 2015

the whipping man | opening night reception

Some shots from our opening night reception for THE WHIPPING MAN.  What a great night to open a show!

the whipping man | responses

"Carl Kennedy, who plays John, is one of the most mercurial and charismatic actors you’re ever going to see. His portrait brims with playfulness, intelligence, wit—and emotional depth. I’ve never seen Tom Pickett look better: he’s having a great time and he delivers nuanced and heartfelt work as Simon. In some ways, Caleb may be the most difficult role: after the surgery, Caleb barely moves, and he’s the former slave owner in a play about race in America. Still, Giovanni Mocibob offers an intriguing combination of innocence and guilt, good intentions and privileged blindness." | Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"[The Whipping Man is] a fascinating piece of historical fiction. That it still resonates is strangely comforting, and equally chilling." | Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

"The Whipping Man is an excellent drama." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

From the Twitter Feed:

@DianeLTucker: Oh you SO got it right! Stunning!
@genevieve_f: Congrats to the opening of #ptWhippingMan! Powerful, moving, with knockout performances and gorgeous design. See this show!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

mar 10-28 | the drowsy chaperone | twu

PT veteran Angela Konrad (JESUS HOPPED THE "A" TRAIN, DOUBT) directs TWU's spring musical. Don't miss this shimmering explosion of song, dance, and silliness, THE DROWSY CHAPERONE! 

The Drowsy Chaperone presented by SAMC Theatre at TWU
March 10-28
Wednesday - Saturday Evenings @ 7:30pm, Saturday matinees @ 2pm

Lights up on a woman in a chair. She’s lonely, but she doesn’t know it. When she puts on her recording of The Drowsy Chaperone, a shimmering explosion of song, dance, and silliness lifts her out of her sadness and into the Roaring Twenties.
TWU’s spring musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, is as fun and glamourous as a bubbly glass of champagne. This 1920s spoof follows Janet, a Broadway star who wants to leave the spotlight for a storybook romance with her dashing fiancĂ©. But Janet’s producer and a mischievous pair of gangsters-in-disguise won’t let their leading lady go without a fight! Enter a notorious Latin lothario, hired to seduce the bride. With a chaperone who’s not too good at her job, will there be wedding bells...or scandal?
“This show pokes fun at the musical theatre world from a 21st-century perspective,” said director Angela Konrad. “It celebrates all the things you love about musicals, while poking fun at the rest. Mistaken identities, zany plot twists, catchy song and dance numbers – I dare anyone not to have a good time!”

Click here for more information

Friday, February 27, 2015

u encounter | greg pennoyer

Ron: It's happening!  After years of work, PT friend Greg Pennoyer is launching a remarkable online exhibition that looks to be pure Soul Food.  And clearly, it's much more than just an online collection of images of "World Masterpieces" - it's a curated, thoroughly thought-through, open-ended experience.  Interestingly, Greg created "God With Us" and "God For Us," the Advent and Lent books which combine carefully chosen paintings and other art with reflections by Christian writers such as Luci Shaw, Richard Rohr, Kathleen Norris, Eugene Peterson, and Richard John Neuhaus. 

Dear Friends:

We are happy to announce the launch of the online exhibition U Encounter.  This extraordinary exhibition explores one of the great questions at the heart of the human journey - “what does it means to be human.”   Through a series of images on the narrative of the life and parables of Jesus of Nazareth, this exhibition considers six themes that unveil for us what we didn’t know we knew about ourselves, about our neightbour, and about our capacity to live together.  The following link will take you directly to the encounter.

We also hope that you will help spread the word about this exhibition.  Please feel free to distribute this link to all and whomever you think will find this a worthy experience.

Warmest regards.

David Goa and Greg Pennoyer

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the whipping man | preview sold out

Tomorrow is the preview of THE WHIPPING MAN, and we are happy to report that the show has SOLD OUT!  Our apologies to those who were waiting on the pay-what-you-can rush tickets, but the advance sales (at $13.99 a pop for preview night) got snapped up.  If you need a cheaper ticket, you still have matinees, volunteer ushering, and Tickets Tonight day-of rush tickets available.  Email or call our box office at 604.731.5518/ for details.  And don't worry!  There are still plenty of tickets for the rest of the run (but maybe don't wait too long...)

Monday, February 23, 2015

apr 23 | levertov award presented to bruce cockburn | seattle

If you were a Christian and a Canadian in the seventies or eighties, Bruce Cockburn was as important as U2 for Christians in the eighties, nineties and beyond. For the first decade of Pacific Theatre, if people wanted to know what the company was about, I'd say "As Bruce Cockburn is to music, Pacific Theatre wants to be to theatre."  

The man's now being honoured with Image Journal's prestigious Levertov Award - which went to one of our favourite poets, Luci Shaw, the year before last. So with Cockburn, it's not only talk (and a chance to meet the guy), but also a concert. Well worth the trip to Seattle - if I weren't onstage that night in the preview of FREUD'S LAST SESSION, I'd have already booked my ticket.  

Image Journal:

Over the course of four decades, Bruce Cockburn has released more than thirty albums mapping the territory of the human experience. His sound is marked by a blend of folk, blues, jazz, and rock, and his signature vocals range from coarse and gravelly to reedy and longing. In his pursuit of love, both divine and human, he has spun songs of grief, joy, and bewilderment--and even humor. "I'm good at catching rainbows," he sings, "not so good at catching trout."

His honors include thirteen Juno Awards and an induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. He has also been awarded the Order of Canada, one of the highest honors in the nation.

Cockburn's memoir, Rumours of Glory, was released just three months ago. An excerpt from it was featured in issue 82 of Image. Rolling Stone says, "Rumours of Glory offers a call to life, embracing the mysteries of existence and the search for love and beauty, wherever one finds it."


"Relationships of the heart require exposure of the soul. You are more vulnerable slipping into bed beside your lover than you are setting up a freelance meth lab in Sinola.

"After a few years of Kitty and me being together, coming apart, and getting back together a few times, I determined that we needed to move the relationship forward somehow. I asked Kitty to marry me, and she said yes. On the penultimate cay of the decade we were married at Saint George's Anglican Church in downtown Ottawa.

"The church setting was mostly an aesthetic choice for me, though more deeply meaningful to Kitty. I took very seriously the idea of making a promise before God, but I didn't care whether we did it in a field or church or somebody's backyard. It was beautiful, but I wasn't attached to the place. I was seeking a deep and mystical bonding with the beautiful woman I loved, which I got, but I also got something else, quite unexpectedly.

"With Father Playfair's guidance we repeated our vows, then exchanged rings. At that moment, when I held Kitty's hand to place her ring, I became aware of a presence standing there with us - invisible to the eye but as solid and obvious as any of the people in the room. I felt bathed in the figure's energy. I shivered, said to myself, "Well, I don't know who or what this is, but we're in a Christian church, so it's got to be Jesus." Who else would it be? He spoke no words, but the presence was real, male, and loving.

"The church where Kitty and I were married was a human construct built to accommodate and celebrate the possibility of a relationship with God. But I don't think it was about the building. It is the opening, the baring of souls to each other and therefore to the divine, that allows these communications to occur. I will say, though, that we seemed to be in the right place at the right time, doing right by God in his house, and that might have helped."

Portions of the excerpt from "Rumours Of Glory" reprinted in Image Journal No 82, Fall 2014

sideshow | march 10 performance cancelled

We are sorry to report that the March 10 performance of SIDESHOW has been cancelled.  Our friends at Off Key Improv have loved performing on the sets of each production so far, but Drew Facey's gloriously dilapidated set for THE WHIPPING MAN, while perfectly safe for a rehearsed production, does not accommodate musical improvisors making up songs and dances on the spot.  

We have already contacted everyone who has already purchased tickets to this performance - you are welcome to switch to the May 5 performance or request a refund.

Please call the box office at 604-731-5518 or email if you have any questions.

mar 13,14,19-21 | fiddler on the roof | gallery 7

Our friends at Gallery 7 Theatre present FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. Don't miss this beloved, Tony Award-Winning musical!

Fiddler on the Roof
Presented by Gallery 7 Theatre

Living in a tiny village in pre-revolutionary Russia, Tevye etches out a meagre life as a dairy farmer while raising his five daughters in the traditions and values of his Jewish faith. Facing eviction by the anti-Semitic Czarist regime, Tevye's world is further challenged when each of his three eldest daughters select husbands that could threaten the very fabric of his long-held, much-beloved customs. This endearing and highly adored Tony-Award winning musical probes the tension that exists between tradition and the values of a restless, ever-changing world. 

Two weekends only:
March 13 & 14, 19-21 @ 7:30 PM
Discount Matinees: March 14 & 21 @ 2:00 PM

Abbotsford Arts Centre
2329 Crescent Way, Abbotsford 

For more information, click here.